Small Groups

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Region/Sermon Based Groups

These groups are based on the area in which you live and the sermon from the previous Sunday. This group structure helps people to find a way to connect close to where they live in the community they are a part of as well as to dive into the sermon and unpack more of its content in a conversational setting. The content for the group is available through the Bible app where our pastoral team has created questions for the small group to walk through.


This is a great group for you if you want to talk more about what you learned from the sermon, want to connect close to home and want to grow with others in God's word.

Interest Based Groups

These groups are based on the varying interests of those within the church.  Everything from activities like basketball, hiking or even movie nights to walking with a group through devotional content that is outside of our normal Sunday sermon. These groups can be based on anything, so the option are limitless.


This is a great group for you if there is something that you find interest in, want to connect to people easily or are desiring to lead a group through a book or other content that may not be related to Sunday's sermon.



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