LET US PRAY  by Demetrius Hicks


Prayer for many is a struggle. It’s definitely a discipline that takes time to cultivate and to become comfortable with. The struggle is not new. In Luke 11 Jesus was returning from one of his consistent times of prayer and one of his disciples said “....Lord teach us to pray…” Jesus then lays out the foundation of a healthy prayer life. He wasn’t asking them to repeat it word for word but he was giving them the mindset or outline to have a vibrant prayer life. In this 5 day devotional I will break down the words of Jesus and create a model of how the prayer would sound in today’s context. I encourage you to use the template and build from it in your time of prayer. Think of it as a “fire starter”! This is not like other devotionals where it would be content driven but this is actually writing out prayers for you to pray along with and then say what’s on your heart to God from there! Let us pray!!


Day One:

Silence, stillness and centering before God (2-3 minutes)


“Father, hallowed be your name…..”


The word Father in this verse is translated to “Abba”. This is a very intimate term. Pause and reflect on God as your Father. Hallowed (to be honored/treated with reverence/to be held in high regard) is his name!


LET US PRAY: What a privilege and honor it is to call you my Father! Your name is high, lifted up, set apart and worthy of my praise and my life! Heal me in areas where I struggle in seeing you as a Father. Heal the wounds that make me feel unworthy to be received by you. You want me. You are for me. You made a way through Jesus to have relationship with me. Help me to live in the awareness of Romans 8 where you call me a child and heir!


Day Two:

Silence, stillness and centering before God (2-3 minutes)


“....your Kingdom come….”


This verse is the plea of every believer. Jesus’s arrival on the earth ushered in the Kingdom of God. This reality is to be lived out by the believer through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit until the return of Christ and final reign in the new heaven/new earth!



Father, I desire to see your reign and rule on this earth. I realize that will happen through me as you empower me through the Holy Spirit. Help me to submit to your will and your way in the everydayness of life. Help me remember that while i’m at work, at school, at the grocery store or even at the mall. I’m a part of your Kingdom. Help me to remember that everyone around me can be influenced by the God that radiates through me.


Day Three:

Silence, stillness and centering before God (2-3 minutes)


“......give us each day our daily bread…”


Daily Bread includes all of the believers physical needs which the Lord supplies not just once but day by day. This is a great reminder for us. So many live anxiety filled lives worrying about needs but the Lord reminds us here that he knows our NEEDS and supplies them! See him as that today!



You are my Father. You are my provider.  It’s in you I live, move and have my being! Remind my heart of this constantly Holy Spirit! All I have need of your faithful hands provide. Rid me of the daily anxiety I face in the area of provision. I have you which means I have all I will ever need. You are life.


Day Four:

Silence, stillness and centering before God (2-3 minutes)


“....and forgive our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us…”


This verse doesn’t refer to initial salvation but to the continual confession of sins needed to maintain a healthy relationship with Christ. It’s very healthy to remain honest with God and also people in the body of Christ as it states in James 5:16 and 1 John 1:9. God is always faithful to forgive and from that awareness he charges us to forgive others who sin against us.



May I never lose the wonder of your great mercy Lord. I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I am set free. I am created for your good works. I am fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose. I am so grateful. Lord help me to live free from bitterness and offense. Help me live free from condemnation and fear. If there are sins unconfessed give me the boldness to trust someone and confess to so that I’m healed. I trust you with my life Father!


Day Five:

Silence, stillness and centering before God (2-3 minutes)


“...and lead us not into temptation…”


God never directly tempts us to sin (James 1:13) but he does at times lead us into situations that’ll “test” us. Jesus knew the disciples would battle sin and experience life trials. This should remind us of God’s everlasting presence with us. When we are tested we can remember we have power to overcome!



Thank you Jesus for conquering sin and doing what no one else could do! I stand boldly in the face of life’s trial and declare that you are with me. Sometimes things seem unbearable and looks as if I won’t make it but I can cling to your promise of deliverance and purification. I will hold fast in confidence. You fight for me! You have empowered me to endure. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in me! I have all I need.





Final Thoughts:

I hope this ignited something in you towards a vibrant prayer life. God desires you. He wants you. He made a way for you. The enemy would want nothing more than to steal that intimacy. I am praying for each of you. Go through the devo as many times as you need to because I believe you’ll see something new each time. Love you.