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Embrace the journey

Posted by Pastor Demetrius

Exodus 13:17 says "When Pharaoh finally let the people go, GOD did not lead them along the main road that runs through Philistine territory, even though that was the SHORTEST route to the Promised Land...…" There's more to that verse and to that story but that part of it struck me hard one day. Like most, I'm not really good with seeing life as a Journey. I want what I want pretty quickly. The older I get the more I realize that God doesn't move at that pace. He always sees the whole picture. If you get the chance it'll be really good to go and read the whole story of Moses. He felt super unqualified for what God had called him to but God indeed used him to lead his people to freedom. After a long process and interactions with Pharaoh the people were finally granted freedom. You would automatically think God would speed the rest of the journey up but as we see in the verse posted he didn't. A few thoughts I gathered as I studied the story that I'll share with you all:


God saw that leading them down the short route would've ran them into a battle and scared them and possibly made them want to go back into bondage. What could God be protecting you from? We trust that he knows all and sees all.


There were so many things God did for them in that time on the journey. He reminded them of his constant presence by being a pillar of cloud in the day and pillar of fire at night. He provided them with food and all else that they needed even when they complained. Above all that, his goal was to get the "wilderness" out of them. God is always about sanctifying us and most times the journey of life is that shaping tool of choice.

God can be trusted. Since the fall of Adam and Eve God has been proving his faithfulness to humanity. He is constantly pursuing us to sanctify us and is ever so patient in our weakness. I want to encourage the person who wants to give up on the journey to know GOD IS WITH YOU. The journey may seem long and uneventful but what's being done IN you prepares you for the destination! Let's embrace the journey!