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Post by Pastor Demetrius Hicks

It’s such a blessing that we live in a world where information can spread to all parts of the world at such a rapid pace. On the same end, there is so much information that’s spreading that we now live from topic to topic. Spend a week on social media and you’ll see how from day to day the thing we are angry about, happy about or sad about changes within minutes. We’ve become piranhas looking for the next hot topic. As believers we are to be concerned with what God is concerned with. It focuses us and keeps us consistent. He’s always concerned with the marginalized, those persecuted and experiencing injustice of all kinds. We don’t need a prompting from a viral video or news story to be concerned about those things. Injustice of any kind is wrong. My challenge to us is to actually become a part of the solution. It’s very interesting how nowadays people think activism and discipleship is a social media post. BE the change versus posting about the problem and what needs to change. Also don’t take on the responsibility of thinking you are called to address and handle everything at every place. We are responsible for the world around US. We are to be bold about what we stand for and what God is for in the areas we are called to. As a black man in America, I hate seeing the police brutality and how minorities are treated. It’s real and now we can see it more because of technology. I’ve personally experienced it. I get the honor of serving different cultures and I don’t hide who I am or what I am about. That’s the beauty of what we are pursuing at Move Church because we can have the uncomfortable conversations and work through them. The challenge of this blog is to remain “hot” about what concerns God so that we won’t bounce from trend to trend. Let’s have the uncomfortable conversations with people face to face. Let’s Move!


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