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How do I know if I’m prepared

Post by Pastor Tres Kennedy

I recently preached a sermon on preparation, you can listen to it here (Summer at Move Week 8). In this sermon I read and taught from Matthew 25:1-13 on Jesus’s parable on the Ten Bridesmaids.

When we think of preparation we normally think of things we must physically do in order to prepare for a situation. If I am wanting to buy a new car, the wise thing to do would be to research a make and model that would fit my need, price the car out, and then begin to save until I had enough money for the car. That way, when the day comes to buy the car I am prepared to buy the car with cash. This example makes sense when talking about preparing for something physical, but what about preparing spiritually for seasons of life? How do you know if you are prepared spiritually to date someone or make a decision on where you will go to college? How do you know that you are prepared spiritually for an argument with your spouse? How do you know if you’re prepared spiritually to lead a small group? How do you know that you are prepared to disciple your child when they struggle with self worth?

To answer this question you first must understand what the oil represents in the parable. In the story of the ten bridesmaids the five foolish bridesmaids tried to buy the oil when they realized they were not prepared. The oil represents preparation. The bridesmaids were trying to skip the preparation process and buy something to fill their lack. Preparation is a process, it is not something you get overnight. Preparation is bought with time. How many of us are in the middle of a situation where we are looking for a quick way out because of our lack of preparation? Had you have put the time in to prepare, you would not have been hit with the shock and awe of what you currently are experiencing?

The oil in this parable also represents the Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:1-6). Which means, spiritual preparation is not based on our might or power but spiritual preparation is found through God’s Holy Spirit. God is orchestrating something beautiful with your life and if you allow Him, the Holy Spirit, will guide and prepare you for everything you'll face in life. Stop looking for quick fixes, self help books, or how they did it in the good ole days and look to God’s Spirit FIRST! The things before mentioned are not bad things, the problem is that we have sought these resources for preparation before we have sought God. The Holy Spirit will help you discern what and how to prepare. When you trust in the Holy Spirit on a daily basis you will know that you are prepared!


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