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Tithing - part 1

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Post By Jonathan Fox

Tithing - An Introduction

Tithing is probably one of the biggest ongoing discussions in the church today. Should I be giving 10% of my income to the local church? It’s a good question. Some churches say that tithing is biblical and required. Some churches say you are cursed if you don’t tithe. Many churches believe in giving but not an institution of tithing, and many other churches just ask people to be generous as they feel led. Which one is right? The next few blogs will be an attempt to give an answer to that, and how you might move forward, when it comes to this subject. A few things we want to cover through these blogs are:

  • The Historical Journey of the Tithe

  • Purposes of the Tithe

  • Blessings of the Tithe and the Prosperity Gospel

  • Principles of Returning and Stewarding

As a start, my goal in this first post is to give you the gist of tithing. A basic definition that we can refer to during this series is: Tithing is the 10%, recurring giving of one’s earnings. Now, in the Old Testament earnings could have been animals, produce or even wine. The point was that people used what they had to make a living and from those earnings they gave a tithe. We do not handle our affairs today through animal exchanges and growing crops, however this was a matter of principal not necessarily practice. Principals are eternal, practices can change. The principal was that God blessed people through their work and they showed honor by giving 10 percent back to God, (and this is key) through the Tabernacle, each time they brought in their earnings. The Tabernacle is the Old Testament foreshadowing of the church. As we walk through tithing, we see history change what earnings looked like therefore the practice shifted from animals and produce to actual currency and possessions and from giving to the Tabernacle to giving to the Church.

No matter how you feel about tithing, I want you to have an open heart as you read these brief scribbles on the subject. Personally, tithing has been a crazy journey. I was taught to do it at the age of 17 years old with no biblical explanation. I soon realized that many people took advantage of those in the church by way of pressure, guilt or the promise of riches. I have heard story after story of people who absolutely hate the idea of tithing simply because someone presented them a poor and lacking picture of what God asks of us in the area of giving. So as a “recovering tither,” I ask for a chance to give fresh perspective on the topic.

As with everything we do at Move, we funnel tithing through the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our picture, and as we will see in the next few blogs, he has come to FULFILL every law and requirement that God has had for man. Thankfully, we are never asked to do something to prove ourselves or our worth, because Jesus has given us that through his death, burial and resurrection. Tithing is just one more thing inside the life of the church that we can look at honestly and faithfully to see what our next move is!


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